Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us. Now I am going to represent our Privacy Policy. This privacy policy represents to better serve who are connected with us throw website. Please read it carefully to know that

How we collect your information.

Where we use That.

What type of information we collect when you visit our website.

How we protect your information?

Do we use External link or not? and if we use the external link can we accept responsibility for that or not?

Do we use cookies? if we use that than whey?

You can find all Question Answer in the blow

How we collect your information? Where we use That? What type of information do we collect?

First of all, we always try to serve better service. So when we try to better serve then we need to understand your behavior.

We collect your information two way. The first way is we have a comment section each an every single post. Which is used for our user who has visited our website. In this comment section, when you going to live a comment then you need to input your Name, your Email Address & your respective opinion. In this type of information, we collected.

And the second way is we use Google Analytics. And in this way, Google tracks your behavior like your state, Gender, Age etc.

This all type of information we collect and analyze that to give you a handsome and better service.

How we protect your information?

We are strongly focused to protect our visitor’s privacy. To protect your privacy we usage advance technology which is (SSL) technology. We do not share your personal information with others. Som of few people can see your personal information who are controlling in our website.

Do we use External link? if we use the external link then this policy is applicable to that link?

Yes, some of the time we use other website links to help the visitor know more knowledge more quickly. But this policy is not applicable to that website’s link because every website has a different privacy policy. Whenever you open new link please see their privacy policy. Because we are not responsibility or liability for the content and activity to that linking site.

 Do we use cookies? if we use that than whey?

Yes, we use cookies. Cookies are a small file. When you give access than some file store your computer hard drive throw your browser. It helps you provide better service and product in a short time. It also helps us to know your browser previous and present activity which helps us to provide better service. If you want to stop access cookies. you can do that easily from your browser.

Google ads

We are added google ads service to our website. Google ads show you some adds which are interested to see you. Google is the third party vendor company. They serve ads using cookies.

Google’s advertising requirements submitted by Google’s Advertising Principles. Here are all principle on google ads.